Monday, June 7, 2010

Off the Wagon!

Last year I fell off the wagon with The Peak Condition. It was the first week of June. This year, KFB, I fell off the wagon again. Went back to my post from last year and realized the parallel - same exact week - the first week of June. (Patrick's response: "great! You can use the same photo you used in last year's post!" Patrick, why does your mind always jump to the lazy answer?!)

I am off alcohol, sugar (with the exception of 3 tiny squares of 80% chocolate, on Sunday night, with control - and a little honey/agave with yogurt) and carbs (except for what's required in the diet). I'm rocking on the food aspect, but last week lethargy hit like a wall and I didn't do much besides my jumps for four days. Happily, I am back on target. Wondering if there's a connection between cutting out all the buffers (food) and the lethargy. It's like when I quit coffee. Felt out of it for about two weeks, but then bounced back with an energy I hadn't known pre-quitting.

Was talking with someone recently about healthy addictions. I don't just want to cut out the food that doesn't serve me from a health perspective. I also want to get excited about the food that will. I'm starting with "cooking" using the new Vita-Mix and will go from there.


  1. Glad to hear you're back on target. Last week was though for me too and lethargy was floating all around. Maybe it's cutting on certain food as you said and also the fact that the body has realized how hard KFB is so there was rebellion.

    What do you mean by healthy addictions? That sounds intriguing.

  2. Think about how good you feel after a workout and keep that thought in the front of your mind for a few hours and you'll gradually get the body moving again. The feeling AFTER the workout, after the workout, after the workout. Forget about before.

  3. Getting a farm share helps with the food excitement—it's like Top Chef every week when you get new, sometimes unfamiliar veggies and have to figure out how to use them all before they go bad or the next week's bounty arrives and overflows your fridge.

    Also this blog: has lots of unique recipe ideas for fruits, veggies, grains, and sometimes fish. One thing that's getting me inspired is seeing how many different foods I can make (that I would normally buy processed, like bread) or grow myself.

    I'm curious what you mean by healthy addictions too, though.

  4. On addiction. We are addicted to food. I mean, no getting around it. Humans have to have food to survive. (Except for this guy, I guess: )

    So, what's a healthy manifestation of this addiction? That's what I'm asking. If we can't "get off" food altogether, how can we engage in it in the healthiest way possible?

  5. How did you get off the coffee (all caffeine in general, or just Mr. Joe)?

    I'm trying to quit the coffee shop, sort of. On good days I bribe myself with a trip to Machu Picchu (putting the three bucks a day into a Scholarship for the Caffeine-Free) but so far, no luck!

  6. Getting back on target is double-edged kung-fu sword. On one side you feel like crap for missing out on the X amount of days, and on the other you feel so stoked on being back.