Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Legs. Ride 'em Cowgirl: Week 2

This week my high school ROTC training kicked in a few times. That girl in the photo? She was in marching band, ROTC, every club under the sun and had 6-pack abs (ish) under that pleather jacket. She also didn't ride horses and in no way was a cowgirl, so who knows what the photo's all about.

Back to the workouts. This week I had to channel the internal drill sergeant. Five more. Push on. Fix form. Breathe. (Ok, that last one is the yoga instructor in me. I don't know that many sergeants that would remind you to breathe while you're dropping and giving fifty.)

Abstaining v Moderating

I'm an abstainer. Which is great to know. (What are you?)

It means that when I decide I should scale back on something it means I'm going to have to quit first. It's possible to moderate once I have quit completely. But I need to have abstained for a year or so in order to be sure I've really broken the habit.

Coffee/espresso was the first stop. Sugar was the second. (This I've been able to solve in an abstain-during-the-week fashion. No refined sugars of any sort M-F with small doses on the weekends - usually in the form of a dark chocolate.) Alcohol is third.

So this week on I'm off alcohol until the end of the KFB. Then I get to open a bottle of Gigondas. It's on the counter to remind me of my reward. And tempt me through another set of kicks and punches. Maybe I enjoy the punishment?

Body Fat Down

Right. Body fat is down already. No surprise. If you were following along for the Peak Condition Project you know my take on being a skinny gal. If not, let me summarize: skinny doesn't bother me. Slim/skinny/thin is all I've known all my life (I weigh now what I weighed in that photo - and I've heard everything: are you anorexic? Do you diet? Do you have a tapeworm? No, no and gross). I'm telling you this so you know - I'll probably lose a little more weight during KFB but not because I'm trying to. The diet shifts to nearly all vegetables in week three. And vegetables keep us slim. Add an hour plus in workouts a day, you see how slim happens.

The Legs

Already noticing more tone in the legs and feet. Kicking up into handstand (one of my goals with the KFB is to practice Adho Mukha Vrksasana with confidence - not what's pictured here, this is tripod headstand) is moving towards becoming effortless. At least I can see how it will eventually become effortless. Because I have long legs I find myself in the posture and feel out of whack. My feet seem so far away. And, honestly, having your feet in exactly the opposite place of where they usually are is awkward. Anyway, this is something I'm still working with.

Thanks for following along. Let me know if you have questions on anything. I'm always happy to clarify or expound or return to the drawing board if need be. Your participation is welcome and appreciated.


  1. Holla, Gwen Bell! Glad you're on my team.

    I have to abstain from things as well. Moderation becomes disaster. You're even inspiring me to consider turning off the sugar too. (Consider...)

    Good luck with your Adho Mukha Vrksasana! I hope you'll share a video of your progress at the end of KFB.

  2. I want to be a moderate. Abstaining was difficult during PCP but I find moderating even harder. I love wine and it will be great to have a long and harmonious relationship.

    Very soon we will see your picture doing Adho Mukha Vrksasana!